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Datamars conditional acquisition of Tru-Test business


Bedano (CH) and Auckland (NZ), May 4, 2018. Datamars to acquire the farm resource management and milk meter businesses of Tru-Test.

Datamars SA signs conditional acquisition agreement with Auckland-based Tru-Test Group for the purchase of the largest portion of the Tru-Test business.
The conditional acquisition involves the R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing and corporate functions of Tru-Test’s Retail Solutions (primarily Electric Fence, Weighing and EID systems) division, and the Milk Meters business. These functions account for approximately 85 percent of current Tru-Test revenues. The acquisition also includes the Tru-Test brand and those of its products.

Tru-Test shareholders will be asked to approve the divestment at a Special Meeting in June 2018. To proceed, the deal will require the support of 75 percent of shareholders and will be subject to approval by New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Office (OIO). Subject to these approvals, settlement is expected to occur around August 2018. Until then, Tru-Test will continue to operate as it does today.

For Datamars, this represents a second move in its new strategy – after the recent acquisition of New Zealand-based leader in animal health delivery systems, SIMCRO. The Tru-Test acquisition will enable the combined group to offer products and services connecting animal management with individual animal data.
“We will bring together our products, technologies and innovation to form a set of products and services that will provide seamless integration of data in day to day operations at the farm level,” says Klaus Ackerstaff, CEO of Datamars.

John Loughlin, chairman of Tru-Test group, says, “both Tru-Test and Datamars SA will benefit from the growth in scale of the integrated business. Key operations in primary and growth markets will increase significantly, and total business revenue for the combined group will rise considerably.”
If the sale proceeds, the remaining Tru-Test Dairy Solutions division will operate as a standalone business, independently from Datamars.

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Datamars acquires Simcro in deal to expand products and services, strengthen market position

4th April, 2018 – Datamars and Simcro announced today that Datamars has completed the acquisition of all shares of Simcro Limited, a New Zealand-based world leader in animal health delivery systems. The products and solutions delivered by the two companies are complementary.

Datamars and Simcro announced today that Datamars has acquired all shares in Simcro Limited. Both companies are global leaders in their respective areas of the animal health industry.

Datamars has been a leader in unique animal identification solutions for 30 years and provides solutions for tracing and tracking both companion and livestock animals. Animal Identification is used to associate data on behavior and treatment of animals for disease control, animal control and management, and animal welfare purposes. Simcro is the market leader in delivery systems for the animal health industry and provides solutions to help users easily and accurately administer vaccines and other medications to animals. It serves multinational animal health companies and retail distribution partners all around the world.

With the integration of Simcro, the existing client base of both companies will be better served by a now even more extensive network of service, sales, distribution channels and partners. By combining the expertise and experience of the companies, innovative integrated solutions will be generated. In particular, the partnership of sophisticated animal health delivery systems with animal identification technology is a step towards integrated animal management systems that the combined company will develop further.

The portfolios of Datamars and Simcro are complementary. Simcro will become a strong business unit within the Datamars group and further develop their portfolio from their Hamilton, New Zealand, and Gosford, Australia, bases. Simcro, NJ Phillips and ISL Animal Health brands will be part of Datamars’ strong product brands family.