2017 Stories


In response to veterinarian and animal health company requests to administer multiple vaccines simultaneously, Simcro, a global leader in animal health delivery systems, developed the Slimline Dual Injector. Australian farmers and vets were the first in the world to experience Simcro’s new Slimline Dual Injector which administers two compatible animal health products through a single guarded needle.

This patented injector accurately mixes compatible formulations and delivers these simultaneously through one needle, thereby reducing the number of times an animal is injected and the risk of potential site reactions. Not all products can be administered concurrently, however, more combination treatments are being registered.

The Slimline Dual Injector was created to improve user productivity by allowing a farmer to administer multiple treatments at the same time, eliminating the need to use two delivery devices, a second operator, or double handling the animals.

With safety paramount on-farm, Slimline’s needle guard reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries to operators. When vaccinating an animal, the needle guard allows the operator to correctly position the injector and delay needle penetration until animal movement has ceased. The guarded needle also supports drug efficacy through consistent depth of drug placement.

The Slimline Dual Injector can be built and configured to suit many different farming systems or treatments. At present, this compact, ergonomic injector is available in a maximum dual 1 mL and dual 2 mL dose, capable of delivering 1.0 mL increments.  For user convenience, independent dose controls allow each chamber to be individually set to the desired dose or locked to be used for single injection. For more information about improving your vaccination productivity and safety with the Slimline Dual Injector, please visit