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Datamars conditional acquisition of Tru-Test business


Bedano (CH) and Auckland (NZ), May 4, 2018. Datamars to acquire the farm resource management and milk meter businesses of Tru-Test.

Datamars SA signs conditional acquisition agreement with Auckland-based Tru-Test Group for the purchase of the largest portion of the Tru-Test business.
The conditional acquisition involves the R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing and corporate functions of Tru-Test’s Retail Solutions (primarily Electric Fence, Weighing and EID systems) division, and the Milk Meters business. These functions account for approximately 85 percent of current Tru-Test revenues. The acquisition also includes the Tru-Test brand and those of its products.

Tru-Test shareholders will be asked to approve the divestment at a Special Meeting in June 2018. To proceed, the deal will require the support of 75 percent of shareholders and will be subject to approval by New Zealand’s Overseas Investment Office (OIO). Subject to these approvals, settlement is expected to occur around August 2018. Until then, Tru-Test will continue to operate as it does today.

For Datamars, this represents a second move in its new strategy – after the recent acquisition of New Zealand-based leader in animal health delivery systems, SIMCRO. The Tru-Test acquisition will enable the combined group to offer products and services connecting animal management with individual animal data.
“We will bring together our products, technologies and innovation to form a set of products and services that will provide seamless integration of data in day to day operations at the farm level,” says Klaus Ackerstaff, CEO of Datamars.

John Loughlin, chairman of Tru-Test group, says, “both Tru-Test and Datamars SA will benefit from the growth in scale of the integrated business. Key operations in primary and growth markets will increase significantly, and total business revenue for the combined group will rise considerably.”
If the sale proceeds, the remaining Tru-Test Dairy Solutions division will operate as a standalone business, independently from Datamars.

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Datamars acquires Simcro in deal to expand products and services, strengthen market position

4th April, 2018 – Datamars and Simcro announced today that Datamars has completed the acquisition of all shares of Simcro Limited, a New Zealand-based world leader in animal health delivery systems. The products and solutions delivered by the two companies are complementary.

Datamars and Simcro announced today that Datamars has acquired all shares in Simcro Limited. Both companies are global leaders in their respective areas of the animal health industry.

Datamars has been a leader in unique animal identification solutions for 30 years and provides solutions for tracing and tracking both companion and livestock animals. Animal Identification is used to associate data on behavior and treatment of animals for disease control, animal control and management, and animal welfare purposes. Simcro is the market leader in delivery systems for the animal health industry and provides solutions to help users easily and accurately administer vaccines and other medications to animals. It serves multinational animal health companies and retail distribution partners all around the world.

With the integration of Simcro, the existing client base of both companies will be better served by a now even more extensive network of service, sales, distribution channels and partners. By combining the expertise and experience of the companies, innovative integrated solutions will be generated. In particular, the partnership of sophisticated animal health delivery systems with animal identification technology is a step towards integrated animal management systems that the combined company will develop further.

The portfolios of Datamars and Simcro are complementary. Simcro will become a strong business unit within the Datamars group and further develop their portfolio from their Hamilton, New Zealand, and Gosford, Australia, bases. Simcro, NJ Phillips and ISL Animal Health brands will be part of Datamars’ strong product brands family.

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In response to veterinarian and animal health company requests to administer multiple vaccines simultaneously, Simcro, a global leader in animal health delivery systems, developed the Slimline Dual Injector. Australian farmers and vets were the first in the world to experience Simcro’s new Slimline Dual Injector which administers two compatible animal health products through a single guarded needle.

This patented injector accurately mixes compatible formulations and delivers these simultaneously through one needle, thereby reducing the number of times an animal is injected and the risk of potential site reactions. Not all products can be administered concurrently, however, more combination treatments are being registered.

The Slimline Dual Injector was created to improve user productivity by allowing a farmer to administer multiple treatments at the same time, eliminating the need to use two delivery devices, a second operator, or double handling the animals.

With safety paramount on-farm, Slimline’s needle guard reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries to operators. When vaccinating an animal, the needle guard allows the operator to correctly position the injector and delay needle penetration until animal movement has ceased. The guarded needle also supports drug efficacy through consistent depth of drug placement.

The Slimline Dual Injector can be built and configured to suit many different farming systems or treatments. At present, this compact, ergonomic injector is available in a maximum dual 1 mL and dual 2 mL dose, capable of delivering 1.0 mL increments.  For user convenience, independent dose controls allow each chamber to be individually set to the desired dose or locked to be used for single injection. For more information about improving your vaccination productivity and safety with the Slimline Dual Injector, please visit


Simcro, the global leader in application devices for veterinary medicines, focuses on Brazil

Simcro, the global leader in application devices for veterinary medicines, focuses on Brazil

Multinational company based in New Zealand launches retail offering of injectors, topical and oral applicators that facilitate the practical, safe and precise application of veterinary medicines


Simcro, a New Zealand company that designs and manufactures devices for the application of veterinary medicines, begins to operate in the Brazilian retail animal health market from September. Products such as injectors, topical and oral applicators for cattle, pigs and small ruminants, will be marketed in farm animal retail stores throughout all Brazil.


The official launch of the company’s entry into the Brazilian veterinarian retail will be during the 39th Expointer, which takes place from August 27 to September 4, in Esteio (RS). The top executives of Simcro, both Brazilians and New Zealanders, will be at the booth of Basso Pancotte, a company based in Rio Grande do Sul. BP is one of the leading distributors of veterinary products in Brazil and will be responsible for distributing Simcro products here.


With production facilities in New Zealand and Australia and offices in China, the United Kingdom and the United States, Simcro brings over 80 years of technological innovation to the world’s leading veterinary markets in the form of innovative products designed to facilitate the safe and effective application of veterinary products developed by the animal health industry.


The company has collected several awards for its products, which are designed to provide ergonomic and operator safety while also considering animal welfare and accurate dosing to ensure the best performance of the applied medicine.


Simcro already operates in Brazil, supplying applicators for animal health companies. In the pour-on parasiticides market for example, all of the largest are supplied with Simcro applicators to facilitate the effective application of their products. Now, while continuing to supply those companies, Simcro wants to show farmers new ways to apply other veterinary products, devices that can meet demands for efficiency in farm production systems.


Responsibility for operations in Brazil and Latin America is in the hands of two local veterinarians, Renato Rocha, who worked at Simcro headquarters in New Zealand and who is commercially responsible for the region, and Luciano Lobo, a professional with over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales in the veterinary industry.


“Simcro products are recognized worldwide for high technology and we see that they can greatly help the producer when applying medicines, providing ease of application and confidence in the performance of applied medicine. We will share these benefits with the Brazilian market”, says Luciano Lobo. “Brazilian producers may now access directly, a specialized line of products that will help make health management as simple and efficient as possible, aiming at the higher productivity increasingly demanded by animal protein markets in the world,” adds Renato Rocha.


For the CEO of Simcro, Roger Wakelin, performance in the Brazilian retail starts with the credibility of the major animal health companies for which Simcro develops high-tech customized products. “Many Brazilian producers have already had contact in some way with Simcro applicators as part of promotional campaigns carried out by animal health companies. The idea is to show farmers other innovative Simcro products, developed through rigorous and extensive research that can contribute to the safe and effective application of veterinary medicines and vaccines. The Brazilian market is one of the largest in the world and we are very optimistic about more direct involvement in this country,” says Wakelin.


Partnership with Basso Pancotte

Basso Pancotte, a leading distributor of veterinary products in Brazil, with extensive experience in retail, is the partner to take the Simcro products to cooperatives and agricultural dealers.


“We believe that together with Simcro we can help improve and facilitate the way of applying veterinary products in Brazil,” says the owner of Basso Pancotte, Jair Antonio Pancotte.


According to the global Simcro Director of Marketing and Sales, Gary Sissons, the choice of Basso Pancotte as a partner in the distribution of products in Brazil was very appropriate, given the wide reach of the company, which operates in cooperatives and retailers of all sizes using well-structured logistics and a highly effective sales force. “Basso Pancotte will help us to offer devices that will help make Brazilian farmers more productive and efficient in the safe handling of animals,” says Sissons.




SIMCRO™ and Agri-Pro Enterprises Announce a Strategic Alliance for 2016

Kansas City, MO, January 1, 2016 – SIMCRO and Agri-Pro Enterprises have entered into an agreement to provide delivery devices to the Animal Health Industry in the United States. Agri-Pro Enterprises is well known for being the one source for quality veterinary products and providing prompt, courteous customer service to their distributor partners. Agri-Pro has been marketing the range of applicators for ISL Animal Health since 2001 and N J Phillips since 2011. Beginning January 1, 2016 Agri-Pro will add the SIMCRO range to their product line.

SIMCRO of New Zealand is the largest manufacturer and developer of syringes, pour-on applicators, & drenchers to Animal Health Pharmaceuticals Companies & Livestock Producers worldwide. Their recent acquisition of ISL Animal Health and N J Phillips strengthened their leadership position and creates more opportunities for product innovation into the future for their global customers.

Andrew Shepherd, President of SIMCRO USA is enthusiastic about the new alliance. “SIMCRO is excited to team up with Agri-Pro Enterprises in the United States. Agri-Pro Enterprises has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in offering the largest selection of applicators with the highest quality and customer support to the Animal Health Industry. This was a logical choice for SIMCRO to partner together with Agri-Pro Enterprises. Agri-Pro has a long proven track record in selling, marketing, servicing, and supporting these type of products.”

If you have any questions please contact either Lari Rabe of Agri-Pro Enterprises (800-648-4696) or Andrew Shepherd of SIMCRO (785-856-2199).

About SIMCRO Limited

  • Founded in 1993
  • Headquartered in Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Exports and Distributes worldwide
  • Product range includes: Injectors, Applicators, packaging, and other specialist items.

About Agri-Pro Enterprises of Iowa, Inc.

  • Founded in 1979
  • Located in Iowa Falls, IA, USA.
  • Markets through Distribution in the United States
  • Product range includes: Livestock veterinary supplies, Bio-Security wear, Applicators & Injectors.


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Simcro Limited has acquired ISL Animal Health and NJ Phillips Pty Ltd

Hamilton, New Zealand – Simcro Limited, a leader in the global animal pharmaceutical delivery device industry, has acquired ISL Animal Health (Hamilton, NZ) and NJ Phillips PTY (Gosford, NSW, Australia) from Forlong & Maisey and the Maisey family of Hamilton, New Zealand.

The agreement is effective from 1 September 2015.

Simcro Executive Chairman, Will Rouse, said, “After the Riverside Company became our majority shareholder in 2013, we began looking for opportunities to exponentially grow Simcro’s international market strength. We’ve been in discussions with ISL Animal Health and NJ Phillips for quite some time.

“Internationally, animal health companies are amalgamating at a rapid pace. These industry changes are creating opportunities for companies like ours. These opportunities, however, create the requirement to meet ever-increasing quality and compliance thresholds for our global customers.

“Combining our three businesses makes sense: we create a larger, more capable and financially stronger organisation that can more easily carve out a leadership position in this competitive global marketplace.”

All three companies are exporters and have strengths in developing and manufacturing devices and packaging solutions for the delivery of animal health pharmaceuticals and vaccines to global markets.

“Around the world, Simcro has a strong reputation as an industry innovator and, as a result of these acquisitions, we intend to do even more in this space. We have plans to invest in new technologies and solutions for the ultimate benefit of our global customers,” Mr Rouse also said.

Mr Rouse said the company intends to use its newly created critical mass to increase its geographical footprint in key markets – primarily Latin America, Asia, North America and Europe.

“Long-term our primary goal is growth: growing opportunities for staff, growing innovation, growing exports and growing international market share. Our next step is working together as a new team to execute a strategy to achieve these aggressive growth targets,” he explained.

Simcro will move its Hamilton operations across the city to a new building on ISL Animal Health’s current site. NJ Phillips’ office in Gosford, NSW, will remain in its current location.

Mr Rouse confirmed daily operations at the three companies will remain largely unchanged.

“Other than a move of our Simcro staff to Instrument Supplies’ offices across Hamilton, staff at the three companies will see little change to daily operations.”

The companies chose not to disclose financial details of the acquisitions.

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New CEO appointed for Simcro

Qualified veterinarian and animal health executive joins Simcro as CEO

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND: Dr Roger Wakelin has been appointed as the new CEO of animal health delivery systems company Simcro. On December 1st Roger will assume responsibility for all of the day to day operations, with current CEO Will Rouse assuming the role of Executive Chairman, while continuing to be a director and shareholder.

Roger’s experience has spanned both production and companion animals. He worked for more than a decade in production and companion animal veterinary practices in New Zealand, Ireland, UK and South Africa. Roger then moved into the animal health pharmaceutical industry and held technical, market development, marketing and senior management positions with companies such as Pitman Moore, Bayer and more recently Merial USA. Rouse says that Simcro’s Board of Directors is pleased and excited about their latest appointment.

“Roger, together with our new independent director, Dr Jorge Solé, provide Simcro with a unique understanding of the animal health space and will be of significant importance as we strive to create world class innovations for the animal health industry. This is a significant milestone in the evolution of Simcro”, says Rouse.

Will Rouse has held the position of CEO at Simcro since 2007. In 2013 The Riverside Company acquired a governing share of Simcro.


Global animal health delivery system company, Simcro, opens an office in Lawrence, Kansas

Simcro this week opened its North American headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas, in the KC Animal Health Corridor. Based in New Zealand, Simcro develops pharmaceutical delivery systems for production and companion animals.

“Kansas City is the Animal Health Corridor; it has everything we need to be successful in the North American market, including the concentration of talent and customer base” said Andrew Shepherd, president at Simcro North America.

Simcro will lease space at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center (BTBC) in Lawrence, Kansas . Since North America accounts for a third of the global animal health market, Shepherd is excited about the opportunity to open an office in this area, allowing the company to be closer to current customers and new product development opportunities.

The North American development follows the opening of a Shanghai office to meet the growing demand for Simcro products in the rapidly expanding Chinese market. In 2011 Simcro also opened an office in Cambridge, United Kingdom, to better service the U.K./European animal health territory. The U.K. office recently appointed Mark Hoare to strengthen the sales resource in this region. The Riverside Company’s investment in Simcro in 2013 accelerated plans for Simcro to extend its global footprint.

“Simcro is a terrific addition to the Animal Health Corridor and we couldn’t be happier to have them open their North American Operations in the area,” said G.R. Underwood, president at the BTBC. “This region has a wealth of assets that make it a premier destination not only for animal health companies, but also life science companies of all types.  We’re very enthused to have Simcro here and look forward to watching them grow.”

About the KC Animal Health Corridor
Companies with a business location in the KC Animal Health Corridor account for more than half of the sales generated by the global animal health industry. The Corridor, anchored by Manhattan, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri, is home to more than 300 animal health companies, representing the largest concentration in the world. For more information, visit


Top animal health executive joins Simcro Board

Former Merial VP adds international experience to aid market expansion

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND: Simcro has appointed a top animal health executive, Dr. Jorge E. Solé, to its Board.

Dr Solé has worked for more than 30 years in the animal health and crop protection chemical markets, where he has gained extensive experience in global business operations and mergers and acquisitions.

His most recent position in the animal health industry was vice-president of International Business Operations for leading animal health company, Merial, where he was responsible for the Asia, Latin America, Canada and Oceania markets.

“We’re pleased to welcome Dr Solé onto the Board.  We plan to double the size of the company over the next three years and to expand our export markets,” says Simcro chief executive, Will Rouse.

“The Riverside Company made an investment last year and we believe that with Jorge coming on board, we can evaluate new growth opportunities, including acquisitions, more quickly. Dr Solé’s considerable international experience will be invaluable.”

Dr Solé started his career in the animal health industry with Elanco Argentina in the technical and marketing departments.

His relevant leadership positions include four years as managing director of the agricultural business of American Cyanamid in Argentina and five years in the United States’ corporate headquarters, responsible for the operations in Latin America.  He spent nine years as vice-president of Rhone Merieux /Merial operations in Latin America based in Brazil. He was head of global marketing for the ruminant franchise and head of companion animal business for the international region based in Merial’s global headquarters in the USA.

Dr Solé received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the Buenos Aires University, Argentina. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. He is a native of Argentina and currently resides in the USA and Uruguay.


Simcro wins at 2014 Good Design Awards

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND: Simcro continues to impress design judges with their latest Animal Health Delivery system.

Presented by Good Design Australia, the award was announced in Sydney on May 28 to a gala event audience as part of the 2014 Good Design Festival. Simcro claimed a Good Design award in the Medical and Scientific category of the awards. The overall competition attracted more than 150 entries.

Simcro’s latest design innovation, the Multi-Dose Intramammary Applicator & Magazine System – created in partnership with Merial Ancare – is an innovative packaging and delivery platform to differentiate their intramammary medication and provide a strong competitive advantage.

“We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. We believe that innovative design gives our customers a commercial edge in challenging world markets. Merial Ancare has launched the new system to New Zealand dairy farmers this year and farmer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive”, says Head of Sales & Marketing Gary Sissons.

“The design brief for this project was to develop a better, faster, more comfortable system for farmers to treat dairy cows with intramammary dry cow medications.”

Hamilton-based Simcro is a design manufacturing company that specialises in providing customised animal health delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Simcro and Merial Ancare challenged the design of traditional intramammary syringes, which had not changed from its basic form in 30 years.

When developing the design brief of the Multi-Dose System considerable time was spent surveying dairy farmers to ensure the system would be ideal for this astute group. One aspect that farmers demanded of the brief was a complete cow treatment in a single magazine, a dramatic change from typical single shot syringes.

Farmers agree that the Multi-Dose System reduces discomfort and stress for both the animal and operator, while vastly improving treatment efficiency.

Instead of having to insert and depress a single syringe into each quarter of each cow’s udder during treatment, farmers and their staff can now achieve the same outcome better, faster and with more comfort.

The ground-breaking design of the Multi-Dose System employs the whole hand in a natural squeeze of the handle greatly improving mechanical assistance. The ergonomics of the handles ensure that large groups of animals can be treated in a comfortable action that reduces repetitive strain injury (RSI). Once the magazine is inserted into the applicator there is no further handling required. As the magazine is advanced, the caps are automatically disengaged.