Simcro Limited has acquired ISL Animal Health and NJ Phillips Pty Ltd

Hamilton, New Zealand – Simcro Limited, a leader in the global animal pharmaceutical delivery device industry, has acquired ISL Animal Health (Hamilton, NZ) and NJ Phillips PTY (Gosford, NSW, Australia) from Forlong & Maisey and the Maisey family of Hamilton, New Zealand.

The agreement is effective from 1 September 2015.

Simcro Executive Chairman, Will Rouse, said, “After the Riverside Company became our majority shareholder in 2013, we began looking for opportunities to exponentially grow Simcro’s international market strength. We’ve been in discussions with ISL Animal Health and NJ Phillips for quite some time.

“Internationally, animal health companies are amalgamating at a rapid pace. These industry changes are creating opportunities for companies like ours. These opportunities, however, create the requirement to meet ever-increasing quality and compliance thresholds for our global customers.

“Combining our three businesses makes sense: we create a larger, more capable and financially stronger organisation that can more easily carve out a leadership position in this competitive global marketplace.”

All three companies are exporters and have strengths in developing and manufacturing devices and packaging solutions for the delivery of animal health pharmaceuticals and vaccines to global markets.

“Around the world, Simcro has a strong reputation as an industry innovator and, as a result of these acquisitions, we intend to do even more in this space. We have plans to invest in new technologies and solutions for the ultimate benefit of our global customers,” Mr Rouse also said.

Mr Rouse said the company intends to use its newly created critical mass to increase its geographical footprint in key markets – primarily Latin America, Asia, North America and Europe.

“Long-term our primary goal is growth: growing opportunities for staff, growing innovation, growing exports and growing international market share. Our next step is working together as a new team to execute a strategy to achieve these aggressive growth targets,” he explained.

Simcro will move its Hamilton operations across the city to a new building on ISL Animal Health’s current site. NJ Phillips’ office in Gosford, NSW, will remain in its current location.

Mr Rouse confirmed daily operations at the three companies will remain largely unchanged.

“Other than a move of our Simcro staff to Instrument Supplies’ offices across Hamilton, staff at the three companies will see little change to daily operations.”

The companies chose not to disclose financial details of the acquisitions.