Simcro wins at 2014 Good Design Awards

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND: Simcro continues to impress design judges with their latest Animal Health Delivery system.

Presented by Good Design Australia, the award was announced in Sydney on May 28 to a gala event audience as part of the 2014 Good Design Festival. Simcro claimed a Good Design award in the Medical and Scientific category of the awards. The overall competition attracted more than 150 entries.

Simcro’s latest design innovation, the Multi-Dose Intramammary Applicator & Magazine System – created in partnership with Merial Ancare – is an innovative packaging and delivery platform to differentiate their intramammary medication and provide a strong competitive advantage.

“We are delighted to receive this prestigious award. We believe that innovative design gives our customers a commercial edge in challenging world markets. Merial Ancare has launched the new system to New Zealand dairy farmers this year and farmer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive”, says Head of Sales & Marketing Gary Sissons.

“The design brief for this project was to develop a better, faster, more comfortable system for farmers to treat dairy cows with intramammary dry cow medications.”

Hamilton-based Simcro is a design manufacturing company that specialises in providing customised animal health delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Simcro and Merial Ancare challenged the design of traditional intramammary syringes, which had not changed from its basic form in 30 years.

When developing the design brief of the Multi-Dose System considerable time was spent surveying dairy farmers to ensure the system would be ideal for this astute group. One aspect that farmers demanded of the brief was a complete cow treatment in a single magazine, a dramatic change from typical single shot syringes.

Farmers agree that the Multi-Dose System reduces discomfort and stress for both the animal and operator, while vastly improving treatment efficiency.

Instead of having to insert and depress a single syringe into each quarter of each cow’s udder during treatment, farmers and their staff can now achieve the same outcome better, faster and with more comfort.

The ground-breaking design of the Multi-Dose System employs the whole hand in a natural squeeze of the handle greatly improving mechanical assistance. The ergonomics of the handles ensure that large groups of animals can be treated in a comfortable action that reduces repetitive strain injury (RSI). Once the magazine is inserted into the applicator there is no further handling required. As the magazine is advanced, the caps are automatically disengaged.